Saturday, 18 March 2017

Catch all customers/clients with bulk SMS software

Today’s day & age is the day & age of marketing. The more you connect the more you expand as an organisation. Not just this, even existing clients & customers have to be kept in the loop continuously not just to upsell but also to ensure that they do not drift off to other contenders in the market with better marketing skills than yours. The medium that you use in order to connect with these people is also very significant. Door to door marketing has long gone down the drain, TV/Magazine/Newspaper are not interactive enough & internet is yet to spread its wings properly across all the nooks & crannies of the globe. SMS solutions seem to be the need of the hour. It is cheap as you have multiple plans that make texting a super cheap option, everyone these days has access to mobile phones & it is there right in front of the eyes of the reader so that you can rest assured that the person receiving will go through the message.

      Once we have ascertained the medium what would be the way to benefit from this medium? Do we go ahead & manually message individuals? Won’t that be too back breaking for the person getting engaged in this task while lowering the effectiveness due to missed outreaches? Does a bulk SMS software provide the answer? Yes, it does.

              The bulk sms sender that we have with us today is unlike all other random utilities of this kind that exist in the market today. For starters you can connect multiple phones to your pc & thus ensure that the messages are sent from unique numbers & not from the kind of source that appears connected to marketing campaigns & thus get the message discarded by the recipient even before it is read. Using this utility one can use the list that one has of contacts & bombard them with messages even in a scheduled manner if need be. Even links that you wish them to open can be delivered through the message itself. This blazingly fast utility that runs like a charm across various operating system versions also delivers you a log of messages that were delivered successfully & messages that were not. It is surely the best such utility that one can get in the market today & is a ready answer to all your marketing woes.

Summary- Marketing to new clients & connecting with the existing clients on a day in & day out basis is required in the modern day World. For this SMS seems to be the best option but manual messaging is just not viable enough. This bulk SMS Caster provides a solution that is the best for the modern day firms & it delivers messages in bulk in a pre ordained manner using multiple user linked numbers & the message can even have links within if the need be.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Is Files email extractor the best such utility?

Almost all professional & personal communication has shifted to the digital domain now. As such it is but obvious as the email addresses of individuals have become much sought after. You yourself might have pored over page after page scavenging for this new address form that people have. Firms that specialise in providing these contacts have struck gold already. However, if we could extract emails from files already present in our system, we won’t have to look anywhere else. All those Word, Power point, PDF files brimming with contact can sustain all our needs whatever they may be.
The files email extractor that we have with us here, is nothing short of a revolution in this regard. For starters it can run on all available versions of Windows. It does not need specialised training to use this software as the UI is pretty user friendly. It can handle all popular file formats that you may think of throwing at it- PPT, XLS, XLSX, PDF, RTF, etc. can all be dealt with in a jiffy. You can batch dump even entire folders for extraction of contact details. The details are extracted at a rate that is ungodly. In spite of this stupendous rate of operation, the utility is smart enough to block random entries as well as double logging of the same data. The extraction task can be customised to a very high degree- in case you need to extract email ids that correspond to a particular specification/specifications only. The data compiled is logged in the form of vastly popular .TXT or .CSV for easy utilisation. So, initiate it, dump the folders & give the go command to get all those important details at one go.

Summary- Files email extractor is a utility that can extract relevant email ids from files/folders containing differentially formatted files like .RTF, .DOC, .PPT, .PDF etc. It functions in a highly customisable & efficient manner to give the user the details that he/she requires in the fastest way possible. Smart sense helps it in avoiding duplicity & the extracted data is compiled in the easy to handle .TXT or .CSV format.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

How to Search and Replace Words & Phrases in Multiple Excel Files?

If you are a professional, firm or even a student who keeps logs, you do not need to be told about the importance of MS Excel. It is the go to tool for accountants, supervisors, log keepers & what nots. The ability to seamlessly assimilate all discrete data at one place so that one may use it the way one wants is the stand out feature of this application. However, what is sorely missed in case of Excel is an efficient & fast Excel search and replace software.
    Altering details from one or two worksheets is not a big deal. What do you do however, when you have piles of data? What do you do with those thousands of files needed within the next 10 minutes in which you need to italicise a select portion. Such Excel find and replace tasks are the tasks that eat away hours while resulting in only boredom among the people who are manually forced to do this task. That is where this all new path breaking tool steps in.
      This smart little find and replace software works non intrusively like a task bar ribbon only & so does not intrude upon the functionality of the application itself. You can select spaces to omit, characters/words/phrases to replace, parts to bolden, sections to underline & even pieces that you wish to reformat. With one single command you can search & do such modification from multiple files at the same time while not wasting even a single minute. If you desire to keep the original files intact & wish to create a separate file resulting from this modification, you can do so just by opting for it & specifying the target folder. You do not need to worry about the fact that whether this would be compatible with your system/systems or not. This utility runs smoothly on all popular versions of Windows & is able to handle files made using different MS Excel editions. So be XLS or XLSX, if the file can be worked upon by any edition of Excel, this magical utility can handle it. The author firmly holds the belief that this small & cheap utility is an essential for anyone who uses MS Excel on a daily basis.

Summary-  MS Excel is a bread & butter utility for most professionals these days. It is a software which is irreplaceable when it comes to logging data & making inferences out of it. However, editing multiple Excel files on regular basis for various official needs is a back breaking task. This Excel search & replace software can handle multiple Excel files of various file formats at once & modify them according to the will of the user by just a single click. It performs all tasks like reformatting, replacing, etc. in a jiffy.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Outlook - An important source to extract contact numbers

Yes! You read it right! I know that you have searched high & low for those elusive blood droplets of your business- leads. We are all aware that in the present day & age, the best way to estabilish a connect with prospective customers is via their phones. Therefore, it is a matter of no surprise that contact details are so sought after in the business World. We find individuals whose sole task is to collect valid & valuable contact details for their organisations. We find lead providers fleecing business houses while providing stale leads & we even find businesses perishing in spite of the fact that they had something amazing to offer, just because they could not connect to as many people as they required. At this point of time, it would also be worth pondering over all those contacts that you had come across earlier & who were in touch with you at one point of time, but you lost them somehow. You want to reach back to them. To get in touch with them & probably up sell to them as well. A phone number extractor is a life saver in such scenarios.

          We know that most of our formal & quasi formal communication takes place using Outlook. If somehow we could extract numbers from Outlook & compile them systematically, most of our afore mentioned worries would just fly away. The utility that we have with us here today is nothing short of a revolution in redefining the way we use Outlook. Using this tool you can extract phone/mobile/fax numbers from multiple folders & mails of Outlook & arrange them in a manner that confirms with manual as well as automated dialling. 

             The Outlook phone number extractor in question is quite rich when it comes to what all it is capable of doing. For starters, multiple Outlook profiles can be logged on to at once to accomplish the task of bulk harvesting. It can extract details from all or specific folders as per the given requirement. Duplicate entries are automatically avoided & so are random digits which are not in fact contact details of somebody. The user can even give in specifications as to what kind of numbers he/she wishes to extract (For example only numbers that start with the code +91). The details are extracted at a blazingly fast pace & then compiled in readily usable .TXT or .CSV files. You just need to see this one in action to believe its potential to take your business in an upward spiral at a ridiculously reasonable price.

Summary- Phone/fax/mobile numbers are what we need in order to connect with our existing clients & in order to make new ones. Outlook is a platform where we can find loads & loads of them easily. Outlook phone number extractor extracts phone/mobile/fax numbers from multiple Outlook profiles & folders at one go as per the preferences given by the user & delivers the results to us in a readily usable .TXT or .CSV form.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Worried about contacts? Number extractor to the rescue!

You are stuck at that unsurmountable hill of lack of contacts to expand your business. You do not have enough customers with you to make your latest venture profitable. You know there is a demand for what you have to supply but you do not know where to find those customers who are dying to test & use your latest offering. If this is the case with you, then this internet email and phone number extractor may just be the tool that you are looking for.
                 We know that most of the people spend at least a fraction of their day online. These individuals leave behind them a trail of information that you seek. If you want to sell your hair dryer, there are people who were searching for them online & if you are someone who wants to market his latest investment venture, you might be interested in all those people who were surfing the sites looking for the right place to invest. The problem is, how to get that perfect email & phone number extractor which could mine out the contact details of all these people for you.
                 This is the place where this latest hybrid of email address extractor & contact numbers extractor comes to your rescue. You feed in keywords & throw a search engine at it, it will chomp on it & deliver thousands of latest numbers & ids for you to utilise. You point it to a web page & shoot, it will skim through it & give a comprehensive data base that you can then use the way you want to. You want it to mine for details within the links given on a page, you just set the dig level & it will do it for you. You want to restrict the hunt to email ids & numbers of a specific type, put in a filter & you are done. Do not worry about random numeric values showing up as contact numbers in the log or the ids getting duplicated, the inbuilt smart sense guards against that. It has also got auto stop & resume capability to ensure that the anti mining measures of various search engines & sites do not hinder its operation. So, next time around when you need a 1000 new unique ids or a 100 new numbers, don’t worry for they are just one click away.

Summary- Businesses survive & thrive on contacts. These contact details are today readily available on search engines, web pages & links provided on various web sites. This unique email & phone number extractor extracts contact details as per the command of the user from thousands of sources in one go & delivers the result exactly as per the specifications fed in by the user in a readily usable format.